About Allan Rufus

Author Biography

This travelogue is part of Allan Rufus’s life journey on both an inner journey through his Personal and Spiritual Development Books, a journey to his heart where he want to live in the realms of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and also his outer journey through his photographic images which he has taken in some of the most exquist and exotic places on our wonder-full planet called Earth or Gaia.

I trust you will gain something from the Personal Development Books, and hopefully get inspired to travel and look at this beautiful world in which we live in.

Allan Rufus is always on the go, travelling to many places around the world, taking his camera for a walk and always wanting to see and learn more in the great living library called Earth. He likes to learn something every day to achieve something in each day.
The changing point in his life was with his motto:- “As long as I learn something every day, it doesn’t matter how small or large that something is, it’s something that I didn’t know and have learnt, and added to my knowledge and character”. (The wisdom only came later to put it into practice) Allan Rufus

May you become THAT WHICH YOU ARE = LOVE.

With much love, light and peace.

Allan Rufus

Enjoy your journey to your destination…


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