Street Photography – Break dancing

Street Photography – Break dancing!   CLICK HERE to Listen to a FREE Personal Development Audio Book “The Master’s Sacred Knowledge”    🙂   Click here to see more photographs 🙂

© Copyright on all photographs – Allan Rufus

Street Photography - break dancing

Street Photography – break dancing


Loads more to come, so please join me along my journey….

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2 thoughts on “Street Photography – Break dancing

  1. Cool picture. Break dancing is a pretty big deal in Korea too (which is where I live).

    I’ve been to Thailand several times and sometimes blog about Thailand too, and I’m always looking to connect with other bloggers who share similar interests. Please drop by Sweet Pickles and Corn if you have a minute. My most recent post is a tongue-in-cheek look at the things that I don’t like about Thailand (because I wasnt able to be there this winter and am stuck at home reading about my friends’ trips on facebook). Cheers!

    • Hi John

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, now would be a good time to be in Thailand as hot as always, and I think it is winter where you are and pretty cold I would think!

      Never mind, I am sure you will make it here soon, until then enjoy the space you in! And write that book you want written 🙂

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